The THOMAS Project establishes six core principles:

T : Training & Education
We are establishing a training timetable, with free training sessions in IT Skills, Adult Literacy, Maths for Life and Self-help workshops

H : Healthcare Information
A range of healthcare information, support and workshops

O : Opportunities for Life
Employment and Job Search Advice
Free one-to-one Support every Tuesday between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm with
Walsall Work Stations

M : Ministry & Mission
Guys ‘n’ Gals – entertainment, fun and friendship (please contact Jan Coleman on 01922 624136 for more details).
Place of Welcome sessions twice a week, on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings
Prayer and Worship at The THOMAS Project every Tuesday morning at 11.00 am
Neighbourhood Prayer Network

A : Achieving change
Free money advice and support from qualified and experienced advisers

S : Supporting Those in Need
Practical help and support
The provision of clothing and furniture, and school uniforms