The THOMAS Project gave me somewhere to be and speak to people who would listen to me and my thoughts. I live alone with my cat and I feel it is a pleasure to come here and have a laugh.

Anonymous, Walsall, 60+

The social side of The THOMAS Project is what I enjoy the most and I love to help out where I can. Here, everyone helps each other out and there is a great sense of community and welcoming.

Anonymous, 60+

When I lost a meaningful job, it put me off looking for work for a while. My son who runs his own charity introduced me to The THOMAS Project through an advertisements for an administration job here. The christian aspect of me was drawn to the project and when I read the acronym THOMAS, I felt passion radiating in my heart, as if I felt a strong connection to my faith within it. The THOMAS Project helped people grow, which resonated with me. From the interview I felt the inclusive environment here and was comfortable from the start. I guess what The THOMAS Project brings to me is the platform and ability to help. Listening to visitors, it gets people talking and communicating in a place of acceptance. There is a big emphasis relationships here. I have seen people change greatly for the better with the relationships formed with our volunteers.

Sheree, Administrator

It’s a safe place to go. It helped me to start off my career in mental health support and improve my lifestyle choices. The THOMAS Project also enabled me to have communication for future events, for example, my mental health pop-up sessions.

S.W., Aldridge, 21

I came to The THOMAS Project for the Manor Farm employment sessions looking for help with a job. It was then when I came intrigued by the project and became a regular visitor. I come for the community and socialising aspect of the project. It is great to meet new people and socialise.


The THOMAS Project gave me people skills, an invaluable life skill to have. Its always a warm welcome coming to The THOMAS Project. There’s a variety of people from all different walks of life. The door is always open for any problems anyone maybe going through, and there will be someone here to listen and talk to. Even though The THOMAS Project is a christian charity there is nothing forced upon anyone and it welcomes anyone and everyone.